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InHand Networks Starts Its New Journey from the 20th Anniversary

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InHand Networks is celebrating its 20th anniversary milestone with appreciation for the past and best wishes for the future.

Twenty years ago, we started a company with devotion and confidence, eager to achieve greatness in the world. We brought on great people and built a team with a shared vision and passion for a constantly evolving industry. Along the way as we expand, we keep searching for the best solutions and services for our customers. We serve world-class partners and customers with industrial IoT/M2M routers, gateways, industrial Ethernet switches, rugged computers and IoT solutions for various vertical markets including Smart Grid, Industrial Automation, Remote Machine Monitoring, Smart Vending, Smart City and more.

Deep Appreciation for the Past

We have made tremendous achievements during the past 20 years. Here, we wish to offer our sincerest appreciation to people who have supported us.

Our success depends on customers’ success. None of our achievements is possible without them. With long-term partnerships with valuable customers, we have achieved a lot in energy, industrial automation, transportation, retail, healthcare, and environmental markets. Here, we would like to take this opportunity to thank all our customers for including InHand Networks in their business stories.

Thanks also go to our R&D team. The proportion of our R&D employees in the total workforce is reaching 50% in 2021. These innovative and passionate talents have provided strong technical support for InHand Networks and our business partners. Because of their hard work, InHand Networks has registered more than 40 patents in IoT/M2M communications, and rolled out a wide range of M2M/IoT products that feature good performance, advanced security and high reliability. Proudly bearing the marks of both Rockwell Automation Encompass Product Partner in Asia-Pacific and Schneider Electric CAPP Technology Partner, InHand defines industrial innovation and reliability.

In a world of uncertainties and constant evolution, we have always been following the industrial trend and optimizing our business model, thanks to our management, sales, as well as all other employees who are always the first to sense changes, roll up their sleeves and adjust our strategies. When challenged by the COVID19 pandemic last year, we decisively took a series of actions, rolled out campaigns like work-from-home solutions, and broke boundaries developing temperature reading kiosks that helped customers reopen safely. Meanwhile, we’ve also accelerated digitalization of our own business, keeping better connection with our customers and partners.

Building an interconnected world has always been our pursuit. Looking back at the past, we are happy to see most of our ideas have come true. We know this is not easy and relies on decades of concerted efforts by different parties. Taking this opportunity, we’d also like to thank our partners, customers as well as all those involved in this cause. Thank you for your work in making this world smarter, safer and warmer. Please check the video below to receive our gratitude.

Look Ahead for a Glorious Future

According to IoT Researcher Analytics, a leading IoT market researcher, businesses will need to automate their processes more in the upcoming months. This brings more potential and new opportunities for the IoT industry.

InHand Networks will stay committed to its mission - help businesses accelerate digital transformation with innovative IoT technologies in the fast-growing era of intelligence. We will grasp the opportunities endowed by the time, keep growing and forge a future of greater digitalization and globalization.

InHand Networks will continue to explore in the IoT industry. We will keep upgrading ourselves and offer a better, comprehensive product portfolio that includes M2M communications devices and cloud + edge IoT solutions with all our hearts. We will keep pushing back frontiers of technologies, looking for more possibilities in 5G, cloud management, artificial intelligence, and more to come.

Whatever tomorrow might bring, we at InHand Networks will always be there for you.

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